December 26, 2012

A New Project For A New Year

I started blogging at The Free Rooster on February 16th, 2009 and now it is time to bring these roosters some different freedoms for 2013.

I'm in the process of pulling these roosterliscious posts into a blook (a blog that becomes a book) to preserve all the handy information inside - as well as the stunning and compelling photos.

I'm looking forward to presenting new projects at and taking my writing, website-ing, egg and feather business, and marketing projects to new heights.

Come follow me at, where I am blogging about How To Self Publish A Book
Just A Couple Of Chickens
When No-One Else Would Fly (the biography of Col. C. J. Tippett)

and to, where I am blogging about egg art and what to do with blown eggshells for crafts

and to, where I am blogging about feathers and feather art, the feathers of

Keep blogging, my fellow-bloggers!  I love reading your posts... and together we are creating an incredible resource of information, art, and culture.

Blogs rule.