June 9, 2013

What Was That Book I Saw On The Portland Bike Ride on June 8, 2013?

Did you see that great book cover riding by on the recent Portland Bike Ride on June 8th, 2013?

It was Just A Couple Of Chickens, by Corinne Tippett!

The book cover was worn by Andrew Hunt, who is a main character in the book, and who is my husband, and who was riding the "E" bike of the Love Bikes on the stunning night bike ride through the streets of downtown Portland.

Andrew was wearing the book cover, and - at the request of Portland Police - a helmet and shoes... and not much else.

Because it was the World Naked Bike Ride, Portland 2013!

The Love Bikes are an art project originally prepared by an inspired group of bike lovers for Burning Man 2012, but also riding Portland's Last Thursdays on Alberta as often as possible.

Andrew reports that the 2013 Portland ride could have been called Knock Your Socks Off amazing except that nobody was wearing socks.
Or shirts.
Or much at all.

There's A New Aviation Biography In Town!

I'm delighted to announce that my long-in-the-making aviation pioneering biography of Colonel C. J. Tippett is now available on Amazon.com!

"When No One Else Would Fly" is a riveting story of a man's life during the Great Depression, WWII, and throughout a time of aviation history that continues to fascinate us.

The biography is in Tip's own words, wrapped in vivid historical research.

It's a great read - complete with black marlin fishing stories!